Kelantan di Australia

Posted on 9:39 AM

Akhirnya jumpa gak signboard ni
memang aku mencari pun signboard ni!

LOCATION = Queensland, Australia (tak percaya buka google maps)

Jason Markk

Posted on 9:50 PM

bagi sneakers enthusiast confirm tau apa Jason Markk

Jason Markk Sneaker Solution

Senang cerita la, benda alah ni untuk cuci sneakers korang jd macam baru balik tapi takde la macam baru sangat tapi ok la dan puas hati bagi aku sebab aku dah beli benda alah ni tapi bukan kat Malaysia atau dekat forum ST sebab byk orang jual mahal sangat. Bukan aku berkira tapi ini liquid kot, habis jugak kan takkan ni pun nak ripoff gak. Macam sial mereka itu!

Korang boleh guna liquid ni dekat semua kasut tak kira apa material pun, suede, leather dan lain2 material yang penting sneakers yer tapi satu jer aku tak berani nak try dkt nubuck timberland sebab takut rosak so aku tak jumpa lagi org cuci timberland melainkan guna pemadam timberland so sorry!

baik aku post jer link youtube untuk korang tengok macamana guna benda alah ni!

Jason Markk Sneakers Solution

so click jer!!

Nanti aku masukkan pic aku kemaskan kasut aku!

March pickup!

Posted on 9:14 PM

Dah lama tak post something kat sini and so sekarang dah tak lagi busy bolehlah aku aktif blog balik!

Akhirnya dapat juga aku dua pasang Nike Air Max Patta dan Vans Herringbone(material??)

For April pickup, harap2 dapat laa vans C&C (crooks and castles) dan Acupulco Gold dan the Germs!

Just wait and see!

I’m Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Posted on 7:27 AM

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair..!

Venue : Ground Floor Berjaya Time Square
Time : 10 am till 5 pm

Prizes : RM15k worth of prizes will be given (you will know if u come)

Sumo wrestling in air bag? Rubber ball? herm..lets give it a try and maybe you will be the winner!

You can go there by monorail and stop at IMBI station.
And the easiest way if you have more money to spend, taxi!
Just come over to BUKIT BINTANG and ask someone direction to TIME SQUARE.
If you already know where is TIME SQUARE ( i will say you are so dumb dumb if u live in KL still didnt know WTH is TIME SQUARE) just drive or cycle or jog or walk!! Make sure to use GATSBY DOEDORANT if u go there cycling or jogging! PLEASE, IM BEGGNG YOU!

Just click here for more info!

See you there! (bring more friends to make it happening)

After that can go to SHOWROOM and KROOKZ( usha sneakers ) !! I like!

Fake POLO..oh yeah..!!

Posted on 8:24 PM

Its been a week since my last lemme give u some advice how to spot fake POLO RL shirts!

I do have them shirts but since a lot of people wearing the fake one and my frens accuse of wearing fake..ok i give it to my dad..herm..unlucky for me..!

1. The LOGO !
This is the authentic POLO..nice and solid colour logo u see!

This is fake POLO..well u can see the white thread on the come RL can make this make mistake? oh yeah..RL didnt make this one! And it is not so detail compared to the authentic one!

The yellow is authentic..because mostly the authentic the colour of the horse is dark brown and not light brown and also the dark blue rider!

2. Side seam stitches.

The left(yellow) have single sided neat side seam stitches compared to the right one that have double sided seam stitches..the yellow is authentic! (for SHIRTS MOSTLY not the POLO-T)

3. Shoulder seam stitches.

Which one have the nice stitches? Yes the yellow one is authentic!

4. The sleeves hem

The orange POLO..very neat grip compare to other one sluggish and poor grip..the ORANGE is AUTHENTIC!


The important thing is POLO is not cheap like RM50 you can get at pasar malam and most likely it is cost more than RM350 to have one! Lemme say only u know wether its fake or not if u have them! But im still confused with the number, if its for POLO games yeah its only 4 players on the field so it must have 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 .. but i donno bout the country no. watsoever..! if 20 and 10 dats mean 2010! If u want to buy it try rugby shirts..its nice and so fit no pasar malam selling it YET!